Sunday, 16 October 2011

Occupy Nottingham

If you're not fully aware of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been going on in New York for the past few weeks, I wouldn't be surprised. For some reason the media has decided not to really focus on this except for he odd report of someone being arrested. Anyway, people are protesting about the fact that all over the world the common citizen is having to tighten their belt and pay up for mistakes that bankers made, whilst they barely notice any change to their own lives. On the October 15th, the movement went global with protesters and camps popping up in cities all over the world. Nottingham is one of those cities, and whilst the protest here may not be as large and impressive as say New York or Rome, the people here are just as determined. They are still there and plan to be for some time, so if you want to show your support head down and say hi. Alternatively you can follow them on twitter at @OccupyNotts.

Even Robin Hood turned up to show his support.

The 99% banner, currently being carried all over the world.

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